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A Summer Time Urgent Rescue!

Rescue K911 June 14, 2018

June 14, 2018

Dear Friend:
Just this past Saturday around 3:00 in the afternoon, Larry and I had just sat down after a very productive and wonderful Saturday. We talked about the great day we had had with our volunteers, wonderful friends who join with us to care for our rescued dogs. Yes, it is hot, yes we get dirty, yes we get slobbered on with lots of hugs. But it is good ole therapy for us all. We had an adoption.
Dutch Boy had found his forever home and his new family, Susan from Orange Beach, Florida, who had adopted Cotton from us three years prior. Belle our adoption bell rang out proudly. We talked about how honored we felt that she could come again so far for another Rescue K911 dog.
With work done, and before the evening meds began, we sat down hard in our big ole recliners deciding what to watch on the TV before the storms came in rendering us without the computer or TV, when the phone rang. Oh that phone! It was about a desperate situation, a hoarding situation. Owner evicted leaving behind a multitude of dogs. Police on site. Can we help? Well it is a long story but we worked through the night, and were able to help some from Tucker, only 10 weeks old to, Yodie, 18 years of age. Some family members were also on hand to help others. May I introduce you to some precious souls…(they are scared, their whole world has changed, but all are doing well and been to the vet.)


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