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It was at the end of one of those long-tough 100 degree summer days. The sun now sinking in the west, turning the sky Auburn orange, and taking with it the heat of the day. With the moon now rising and evening meds done, all dogs checked on and tucked in for the night, it was time to call an end to another tough day, or so we thought. (more…)


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Dear Friend

So many times we’ve wished we could gather up some of our rescued dogs and bring them over to you for you to see how much your support means to us, and what a difference you make in the lives of those here at Rescue K911. So, we did the next best thing by compiling our 2018 rescues, our adoptions and celebrating those who have reached out to help us along. We’ve created this video, our 2018 at a glance. Please enjoy and be sure your sound is turned up….

As 2018 quickly races to a close, we have found it to be one of our most productive and rewarding years reaching out to the lost and homeless. Thank you, dear friend, for all your love & support. For it seemed just when we had an urgent need, we found your check in the mailbox. When we were the most discouraged, we received your encouraging words. When sorrow took us down to our knees, you came and lifted us up again. And when we almost lost our faith, your prayers reach us and kept us going. Togerther WE CAN make a difference in the world, helping the lost and homeless…Thank you!!

– Larry & Loraine & all the little ones of Rescue K911

October 1

Hi Everybody! Just a little pup named Moses here, coming your way to tell you my story. It’s not a very long story as I am only about 10 weeks old, but I feel as if I am the luckiest pup in the world and needed to share.
I don’t remember too much of the beginning of my life, but I must of had a Mama who loved me and I had several brothers and sisters. But something went wrong as my brothers and sisters and I were not wanted, and sadly abandoned at a boat dock along the Tallapoosa River. We did our best to find food and to stay safe but it was scary.  moses (more…)

June 14, 2018

Dear Friend:
Just this past Saturday around 3:00 in the afternoon, Larry and I had just sat down after a very productive and wonderful Saturday. We talked about the great day we had had with our volunteers, wonderful friends who join with us to care for our rescued dogs. Yes, it is hot, yes we get dirty, yes we get slobbered on with lots of hugs. But it is good ole therapy for us all. We had an adoption.

May 6

Dear Friend:

Helping the homeless…We have been so busy recently with a influx of little precious ones abandoned right here on our property during the night. It can sometimes sure be an overwhelmingly heartbreaking work, especially this time of year.
The 5 little six week old pups pictured below were put out on our south end of property. Luckily we found them before they were hit by cars as they had wandered in the road. (more…)


February 19

The story continues…
When we last left you, (see the stories below) through the kindness of a neighbor, all the puppies had been found back in the woods on that cold rainy December day, and were reunited with a very happy Mama. We were thrilled and happy that three adult dogs and six little puppies had another chance at life, even after being left behind, owners moving away leaving them with no care or provisions. Our happiness quickly turning to sorrow as only a few days later, one of the puppies passed away. We didn’t know what happened, but  it soon became apparent, the puppies had come down with Pneumonia.



October 19th

I am all alone. Lost in the big woods, so hungry. Just an itty bitty girl, so cold and afraid.
Where am I? Which way do I go? And then…I heard it…in the distance, the sound of barking dogs.  Would they have food there? Would they share with me? I wouldn’t ask for much.. I’m just an itty bitty girl. My fear  is now a  purpose as I turned, running now towards the sound of the barking, the happy barking dogs.

Dear Friend:
I can’t believe it’s been 16 years ago  that Baby came into our lives.  I will never forget the day when Crystal from the Shelby County Humane Society sent me her little picture asking if we would take in a little handicapped girl.  Born with only one leg, she would be euthanized if noone could be found. Looking into those eyes I couldn’t say no. 

Dear Friend:

We received an urgent call last night about a homeless dog in great need. The kind people, Jane & Billy,  had found her at their Condo complex after seeing her along the roadside 4 days earlier.  They asked us if  there anything we could do to help??? Jane sent me a picture and right way we knew we had to help this little girl.

She arrived this morning. Read More