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May 6

Dear Friend:

Helping the homeless…We have been so busy recently with a influx of little precious ones abandoned right here on our property during the night. It can sometimes sure be an overwhelmingly heartbreaking work, especially this time of year.
The 5 little six week old pups pictured below were put out on our south end of property. Luckily we found them before they were hit by cars as they had wandered in the road. Little Casper pictured here was found abandoned along the roadside, covered in fleas and nothing but skin and bones, in such bad shape. We didn’t even know if we were hurting him by holding him. Little Jango pictured below was put over our fence during the night, we found him in the morning. And Lacey we think may be the Mama to the 5 little puppies, we don’t know for sure. We could tell she’s had so many litters. She also was abandoned in our driveway on the South side a month later.
We are happy to report that all are doing well. All have been spayed or neutered and available for adoption with the exception of little Casper who has already been adopted, his wonderful new family tending and caring for him.
We’d like to thank you, Dear Friend, for without you this work would not be possible. Your faithful and generous donations to Rescue K911 make all the difference in the world. If ever there was a time we needed you, it is now. Just to share with you today the faces and lives you have saved. Oh, and just to brag a little, the five puppies pictured are pictured below…oh what a difference!
Thank you for helping the homeless
Larry & Loraine

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