In Loving Memory of Charlie


“Dear Rescue K911:

I am sending you this beautiful framed picture and poem of my beloved Charlie for Shadow’s Rest.

I cried tears as I packaged it up for mailing today…tears of sadness, but also tears of relief and joy that he can help bless others.  I am so honored for his picture to hang on the wall at Shadow’s Rest. I pray that this tribute to Charlie, in honor of ALL the rescue dogs at Rescue K911, will be a story that is told throughout the years of how this precious little death row, animal control, Cocker Spaniel, was such a light to this world for over 15 years and how his unconditional love blessed every life he touched…now and forever! I know that Charlie’s sweet angelic spirit accompanies it, and that he will watch over Shadow’s Rest and all the furbabies and humans that make up the Rescue K911 family.

Love always,


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