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Dear Friend

So many times we’ve wished we could gather up some of our rescued dogs and bring them over to you for you to see how much your support means to us, and what a difference you make in the lives of those here at Rescue K911. So, we did the next best thing by compiling our 2018 rescues, our adoptions and celebrating those who have reached out to help us along. We’ve created this video, our 2018 at a glance. Please enjoy and be sure your sound is turned up….

As 2018 quickly races to a close, we have found it to be one of our most productive and rewarding years reaching out to the lost and homeless. Thank you, dear friend, for all your love & support. For it seemed just when we had an urgent need, we found your check in the mailbox. When we were the most discouraged, we received your encouraging words. When sorrow took us down to our knees, you came and lifted us up again. And when we almost lost our faith, your prayers reach us and kept us going. Togerther WE CAN make a difference in the world, helping the lost and homeless…Thank you!!

– Larry & Loraine & all the little ones of Rescue K911

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