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animal adoption

Rescue K911 December 16, 2019

As this year quickly races to a close, we have found 2019 as one of our most challenging and rewarding years reaching out to the lost and homeless.  Thank you, dear friend, for all … Read more

Rescue K911 December 16, 2019

Hi Everybody!!!
Winnie here…it is my new name. I just got it when I came to this place called Rescue K911.
Just last week I was all alone. I wandered up and down strange … Read more

Rescue K911 September 12, 2019

It was at the end of one of those long-tough 100 degree summer days. The sun now sinking in the west, turning the sky Auburn orange, and taking with it the heat of … Read more

Rescue K911 May 7, 2018

May 6
Dear Friend:
Helping the homeless…We have been so busy recently with a influx of little precious ones abandoned right here on our property during the night. It can sometimes sure be an … Read more

Rescue K911 February 19, 2018

February 19
The story continues…
When we last left you, (see the stories below) through the kindness of a neighbor, all the puppies had been found back in the woods on that cold rainy … Read more

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