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We Will Survive

Rescue K911 February 19, 2018

February 19

The story continues…
When we last left you, (see the stories below) through the kindness of a neighbor, all the puppies had been found back in the woods on that cold rainy December day, and were reunited with a very happy Mama. We were thrilled and happy that three adult dogs and six little puppies had another chance at life, even after being left behind, owners moving away leaving them with no care or provisions. Our happiness quickly turning to sorrow as only a few days later, one of the puppies passed away. We didn’t know what happened, but  it soon became apparent, the puppies had come down with Pneumonia.

We gathered them all up, and along with Mama as they were still nursing, rushing them to Dadeville Animal Clinic where under the healing hands of staff and Dr. Michelle were placed in urgent care. After many intense days, they all began to recover and were able to come back to the rescue.   But then little Moe, the runt of the litter, took a turn for the worse. We found him one morning struggling to breathe.  We rushed him back to the clinic, where he needed around the clock intensive care.  Dr. Michelle even taking him home with her for medical breathing (nebulizer) treatments. It was through her expert care, love, and lots of prayers that little Moe survived. Thank you Dr. Michelle.
We’d like to thank you, Friend, for your support and help to us as it enables us to rescue little ones like these, that never had a chance.  Taking in 9 dogs at once was tough as we really didn’t have the space, but had to make room at a moments notice. But, as this story continues, the puppies are now being adopted (3 out of 5 so far) by wonderful families who will love them,  and Mama, we are thinking has just been adopted too after her spay surgery. What could be more wonderful! Hopefully next email finds all of these precious ones adopted and we can show off all their new families.
Thank you for helping the homeless!
Larry & Loraine and all the little ones of Rescue K911
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