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Winnie’s Rescue

Rescue K911 December 16, 2019
Hi Everybody!!!
Winnie here…it is my new name. I just got it when I came to this place called Rescue K911.
Just last week I was all alone. I wandered up and down strange roads for a long time, not knowing where I was.  I don’t think anyone wanted me. It was so cold at night, and I was so hungry. Then all of a sudden, a man with strong arms gently picked me up.  I was scared for a second, but only for a second…he had kind eyes, and spoke gently to me. The white hair on his face was soft and warm. My tail just started to wag which hadn’t in such a long time. Before I knew it, I was in a warm blanket, food and water at my feet, and oh – a soft bed to lay in. It felt so good,my body was just so tired, I had had countless litters of puppies and then I was thrown away and left behind But now I have a new life, and so many new friends who can’t stop telling me they love me. Here I am with Ms. Kim.  She said she loves me too, and with her loving warm arms around me, I believe her, my tail never stops. I love this place, Rescue K911.  Oh did I tell you how happy I am….hey everybody…my new name is Winnie!!!!
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