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“Dear Rescue K911:

I am sending you this beautiful framed picture and poem of my beloved Charlie for Shadow’s Rest. (more…)

It was late in the afternoon. I had just gotten off work and went to our vet’s office, Opelika Animal Hospital, to pick up Shadow. Shadow, our oldest dog, age 14, had not been feeling well, & had been having more and more blood in her urine. We were concerned and had done everything the doctor had asked us to do, including antibiotics, special diet, etc. But the problem persisted. Word from the front desk was that Dr. Elrod wanted to speak with me. I sunk down in the chair knowing at that moment something serious was wrong. As Dr. Elrod came into the examining room, I knew my heart was not ready for the diagnosis. The ultrasound had revealed a large cancerous tumor in Shadow’s bladder, taking up almost 70%. I don’t know how, but somehow I heard the words…inoperable… maybe two months to live…meds to keep comfortable…I closed my eyes to hold back the tears I knew would soon be spilling over. In that moment in my mind, I left that medical room and traveled back in time to fourteen years earlier when Shadow and I first met. (more…)

Most of you may not have met or even known about  Tinker.  Tinker was a little elderly Cocker Spaniel abandoned in the parking lot of a shelter up in Tennessee this past month.  Her little body showed she had lived a life of cruelty & neglect.   Despite immediate care & urgent medical intervention, she only lived a short week after one of our wonderful friends & fellow rescuer adopted her.   Thank you Leslie for giving her that week where she finally knew love & care.  For sure she touched all our hearts in the Rescue family from all across the country, and  we will never forget little Tinker or her story. Rest in peace sweet little angel till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. (more…)